Predicting Risk in an Unpredictable World.

Using Behavior Based Intelligence™, Torchlight’s advanced analytics platform identifies hidden networks at scale — so you can take action against emerging threats to your people, property, supply chains, data, and brand reputation.

For Global Enterprise

Get AI-enabled insights into your security risk to lower costs, mitigate risk, limit liabilities, and increase efficiencies across the enterprise.

For Governments

Safeguard national security interests and achieve decisive advantages by orchestrating cross-domain intelligence planning, collection, analysis, and integration.

See Tomorrow’s Threats Today with Behavior Based Intelligence

Torchlight maps patterns of activity at scale to turn vast troves of data into operational insights that allow you to identify risks beyond the horizon. Our advanced analytics engine and ever-expanding behavior library mean you’re not just reacting better to today’s challenges — you’re preemptively addressing tomorrow’s.

How It Works

Leveraging insights from tens of thousands of unique models, the platform merges deep behavioral data and cutting-edge analytics with elite operational expertise to provide contextualized indicators and warnings on emerging threats — and deliver actionable insights for swift and informed decisions when stakes are high.

Elite Operational

allows us to categorize digital signatures into behaviors.

Measuring Frequency and Trajectory

of behaviors illuminates networks around the globe.

Pattern Matching and Anomaly Detection

provide indicators and warnings of threat activity.


Protect Your Assets

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Safeguard your organization’s interests and maintain business continuity. By merging advanced behavioral analytics with expert insights, we deliver an actionable view of potential disruptions — from geopolitical instability to supply chain vulnerabilities.
Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Supply chains — the lifeline of your organization — can be vulnerable to a myriad of external threats. Torchlight’s expansive behavioral models enable you to identify weak links before loss events occur and ensure the robustness of your global operations.
Increase Efficiencies

Increase Efficiencies

Threats are constantly evolving. Torchlight’s multi-domain behavior based platform enables technical integration between security and intelligence assets to achieve a bespoke three-dimensional view of the risk landscape.

Trusted by Those on the Frontier

Protect Intellectual Property

Protect Intellectual Property

Electronic giants used Torchlight to uncover supply chain threats and avoid possible sanctions risk in its Middle East operations.

Protect Intellectual Property

Uncover Criminal Activity

Luxury goods brands used Torchlight to protect brand reputation by exposing a global counterfeiting ring in Turkey.

Protect Intellectual Property


Car manufacturers used Torchlight to identify and address supply chain risk at a proposed factory in Mexico.

Protect Intellectual Property

Risk to

A large power plant in Africa used Torchlight to discover activity from Russian actors that signified a risk to its operations.

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