An advanced behavioral intelligence platform for proactive risk mitigation.

Key Platform Features

API-First Integration

API-First Integration & Visualization

Seamlessly integrates with widely used geospatial and intelligence platforms, enhancing data visualization, interoperability, and decision-making.

API-First Integration

Tailored Security Risk Intelligence

Torchlight AI can be tailored to focus on specific profiles like threats to national security, critical infrastructure, digital infrastructure, intellectual property, or other global risks. Users receive insights that are tailored expertly for their enterprise.

API-First Integration

Real-Time Global Monitoring

Continuously map and measure over tens of thousands of behavior patterns across geospace and cyberspace.

API-First Integration

Behavior Based Intelligence Engine

Use our vast library of behavioral indicators to promptly identify potential threat activity in proximity to your assets. Stay informed about significant shifts in the global security landscape.

API-First Integration

Streamlined Analyst Toolkit

Conduct faster analysis with robust data collections, analytical tools, and AI-enhanced insights. Combine physical and online security monitoring for a more holistic risk perspective.

API-First Integration

Proactive Alert System

Get timely, customizable preemptive risk notifications based on dynamic search parameters. Proactively address threats, averting potential loss events.

API-First Integration

User-Friendly Analysis Platform

Dive deep into behavioral analysis of emerging threats, filtering out the noise from meaningful insights. Search and filter through historical data to comprehend past events and inform proactive security strategies.

API-First Integration

Access to Intelligence Experts

Bolster your internal capabilities by getting data-driven, expert answers from our seasoned intelligence team to fill knowledge gaps. Our team can deliver tailored reports addressing specific intelligence requirements.

How It Works

Leveraging insights from tens of thousands of unique models, the platform merges deep behavioral data and cutting-edge analytics with elite operational expertise to provide contextualized indicators and warnings on emerging threats — and deliver actionable insights for swift and informed decisions when stakes are high.

Elite Operational

allows us to categorize digital signatures into behaviors.

Measuring Frequency and Trajectory

of behaviors illuminates networks around the globe.

Pattern Matching and Anomaly Detection

provide indicators and warnings of threat activity.

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